John Mayer: Taylor Swift Humiliated Me

June 6, 2012 By:
John Mayer: Taylor Swift Humiliated Me

Remember when John Mayer and Taylor Swift dated? Weird, right? Because he was like 100-years-old and she was a pixie fairy and probably 12? In a nutshell, John Mayer broke Taylor Swift’s heart and she wrote a song about it and not-so-subtly titled it, “Dear John.”

Swift's song, which appeared on her best-selling 2010 album Speak Now, was released shortly after Mayer took his self-imposed two year hiatus.

The lyrics of the song do like this, “Dear John, I see it all, know it was wrong /Don't you think 19 is too young to be played by your dark twisted games, when I loved you so/Don't you think I was too young/To be messed with/The girl in the dress/Cried the whole way home/I should've known."

Anyway, John Mayer is finally speaking out about it and he's claiming that the song “humiliated” him.

He told Rolling Stone magazine, “It made me feel terrible. Because I didn’t deserve it. I’m pretty good at taking accountability now, and I never did anything to deserve that. It was a really lousy thing for her to do.”

Mind you, this is the same guy that called Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm,” so is he really one to talk?

He also says he had no idea that Taylor was so heartbroken over him. Uhh der, she was 19! If a teenage girl takes a bad prom photo, she’ll be heartbroken.

“I was really caught off-guard,” he confesses, “It really humiliated me at a time when I’d already been dressed down. I mean, how would you feel if, at the lowest you’ve ever been, someone kicked you even lower?”

He also takes a jab at her songwriting skills.

“I will say as a songwriter that I think it’s kind of cheap songwriting. I know she’s the biggest thing in the world, and I’m not trying to sink anybody’s ship, but I think it’s abusing your talent to rub your hands together and go, ‘Wait till he get a load of this! That’s bullsh-t.”

Yeah, pretty sure Taylor may have something to say about that too, John.