Jake and Taylor Got Serious After Oscars

February 28, 2011 By:
Jake and Taylor Got Serious After Oscars

Sources are revealing that Taylor Swift and her ex, Jake Gyllenhaal, were seen having a serious discussion at the Vanity Fair post Oscar party Sunday night.

People reports that a guest at the party told them Jake and Taylor “were outside near the restroom having a discussion.”

After their “discussion”, I’m betting Taylor ran off crying, wrote a song, then found the nearest Glee actor to start dating.

“It seemed a bit more serious—it certainly wasn’t a ‘Hi’, how are you?’ talk,” the source tells People.

The Washington Post reports that the two were “huddle[d] in a nook by the bathrooms” with “Gyllenhaal using words like ‘care’ and ‘feel’.”

And he probably used them like this: “I don’t care how you feel. I want food.”