Gwyneth Paltrow Finding Taylor Swift a British Boyfriend

June 19, 2013 By:
Gwyneth Paltrow Finding Taylor Swift a British Boyfriend

Taylor Swift was spotted heading over to Gwyneth Paltrow’s London home earlier this month because Gwynnie is apparently Taylor’s new matchmaker.

Here’s the thing about this that makes us LOL. Gwyn set up Taylor with Jake Gyllenhaal and we all know how that ended up? IT DIDN’T.

Anyways, Taylor’s so thirsty for a new beau that she reportedly told Gwyn she’s jealous that she married Chris Martin, a British rocker, and Taylor reportedly wants a UK boy toy too. In fact, she wants the whole London lifestyle just like Gwyn. Gwyneth is Taylor's Idol, OMG. 

Well, Harry Styles didn’t work out for Taylor (probably because he wasn't Gwyneth approved), but apparently Gwyn has some other men up her sleeve for Taylor. Up her $400 cashmere wool blend GOOP-approved sleeves.

“Gwyneth sees a lot of herself in Taylor and considers her like a sister,” a source told The Star.

You know, they DO have a lot in common. They are both tall, pale, blonde, built like 14-year-old boys and probably have the same insufferable proclivities for East Coast luxury, like boating shoes and extremist diets. 

Taylor, just date Ed Sheeran and be done with it. He's British, talented, and obviously obsessed with you. If you don't do something about it, he's going to hook up with one of your friends...oh wait, he did.