Ellen Forces Taylor Swift to Talk About Jake Gyllenhaal

October 29, 2010 By:
Ellen Forces Taylor Swift to Talk About Jake Gyllenhaal

Forget John Mayer, Taylor Swift has become quite the little player later.

Taytay has been linked to a couple of different guys in the past few months, but what everyone wants to know is what's going on with her and Jake Gyllenhaal. And luckily Ellen did the dirty work for everyone.

Taylor Swift Dating Jake Gyllenhaal

On Friday's Ellen Degeneres show Taylor is pretty much forced to talk about Jake, her new "boyfriend," as Ellen put it, but she didn't give away much.

Ellen asked how she feels "about love right now," Taylor nervously replied, "I'm always optimistic about love...always, sometimes."

"But right now you are [optimistic]?" Ellen asked. "Well, why wouldn't anyone be?" Tay answered.

"Especially if your boyfriend is Jake Gyllenhaal, because he is very handsome," Ellen teased her. "Y'all are just hanging out though right?"

"You have a picture of us on the screen, don't you?" Taylor joked.

"Right," admits Ellen. "But it's just y'all hanging out – this does not prove anything. I'm just saying he's adorable and I like him very much, and so if that is the case that he's your boyfriend, I think that's fantastic."

Although they have a 10 year age gap, there's something kinda cute about these two. But who knows if it'll actually last. Remember, Taylor has a new album to promote, and nothing gets press like a new romance!