Does Taylor Swift Even Need a Boyfriend with All These Girlfriends?

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Does Taylor Swift Even Need a Boyfriend with All These Girlfriends?
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Taylor Swift may complain that she’s single or can’t find lasting love, but we really don’t know what the problem is with the men of the world because Taylor is having NO PROBLEM courting all of Hollywood’s eligible girlfriends.


Taylor Swift sent Lorde a bunch of roses when “Royals” made the #1 spot on the Billboard charts.


And were each other’s hug-buddy when Lorde swept the Grammys.


Taylor Swift became friends with Lena Dunham after this adorable Twitter exchange:


And those back-and-forth tweets turned into a full-fledged friendship.


Taylor Swift met Selena Gomez when they were both dating Jonas brothers…


They’ve since ditched the Jonai but the two girls stayed friends and eventually became besties.


Selena even once said, “[Taylor] would fly out to see me when I was going through something really hard!”

Taylor flies out to see her! Hollywood guys, don’t you see how great a girlfriend Taylor would be!?


And even though they both dated Joe Jonas, Taylor counts Demi Lovato as one of her inner circle.


Taylor and actress Hailee Steinfeld are new BFFs. Hailee calls Taylor her “big sister” since Hailee is nearly a decade younger than Tay.


They sure hang out a lot,


like, a lot.


Like, a lot a lot.


Taylor’s also super close with “Modern Family” actress Sarah Hyland.

They spent NYE 2014 together. We know that because #STALKING.


But Taylor truly surprised us all when Jennifer Lawrence revealed that they were on a photobomb basis!

But what about Taylor’s original besties?


Like Emma Stone,


Dianna Agron,


Katy Perry,


or that chick from “Gossip Girl.”

Who was actually in Taylor’s video for “22”?


We’re exhausted just listing all these gal pals, but really, who needs a man when Taylor’s slumber party pals includes literally all of young Hollywood?