A Breakdown of Taylor Swift's Angry Performance to Jake Gyllenhaal

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A Breakdown of Taylor Swift\'s Angry Performance to Jake Gyllenhaal
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Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Taylor Swift gave a riveting performance of “All Too Well” at the Grammys last night, which any Swiftie can tell you is Tay Tay’s songwriting act of retribution against ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.

You could basically see it all over her emotional performance and this breakdown is a friendly reminder of the song’s origins.


For the uninitiated, the ballad starts with lyrics about a “scarf” and “upstate weather” — clear references to Jake, who she dated in the fall of 2010.


When you Google “Taylor Swift Jake Gyllenhaal” the suggestions literally include the word “scarf.”

Even Google says so.


Anyway, she performed the tune and after all these years, she did not hold back.


It was powerful enough to likely chill Jake to the bone.


Because she's angry.


The angriest.


In this case, we doubt he would echo this Tumblr-able sentiment.


As we watched her try to exorcise the demon that was their failed romance out from her body,


we knew there was one person in this world we did NOT want to be at that moment.


You can see it gleaming in her eyes: “That was for you, Jake…”

Daaaaamn, rock on.

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