Battle of the Soda 'Pop' Stars: Taylor vs. Harry, Britney vs. Beyonce and More

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Battle of the Soda 'Pop' Stars: Taylor vs. Harry, Britney vs. Beyonce and More
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Taylor Swift is more than just someone who sings country, or someone who sings pop, or someone who dates a new guy every two months so she can continue to sing country and pop. She's also the latest brand ambassador for Diet Coke and it's a match more fitting than Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy. Finally, something that's as bubbly and calorie-free as any of her songs.

Like any relationship with an expiration date, this isn't Taylor's first time walking arm in arm with a household name. The singer has inked deals in the past with Target, Sony, CoverGirl, and Elizabeth Arden, so batting her eyelashes and doing something cutesy in a floral dress for Diet Coke isn't something unfamiliar to her.

Just announced today by AdAge, there aren't very many details about what she'll be doing for Diet Coke exactly, but speculation says it will go "beyond simply 30-second TV spots." There also aren't any figures circulating about how much she'll be paid for the partnership, but a competitive number could be somewhere in the $10+ million range. According to a press release from The Coca-Cola Company, it will be a "long-term partnership with the superstar," which could either mean a couple years or judging from Taylor's history with da bois about three months. In other words, we don't know that much.

However, if we look at other famous pop star meets soda pop endorsements we may be able to deduce what's in store for Diet Coke drinkers in the near future.

Beyoncé just penned a $50 million deal with soft drink competitor Pepsi where the upcoming Super Bowl performer's visage will appear in an ad campaign and on cans of Pepsi itself.

Britney Spears also picked up a deal with Pepsi filming a series of commercials called, "The Joy of Pepsi" for the giant beverage company. Her sing-dance-Pepsi payday? $9 million.

Immediately thereafter Coca-Cola signed Christina Aguilera to its name, furthering the rivalry at the time between the cola companies and pop stars. However, Coke wouldn't release how much they were paying her for it.

It was Michael Jackson though who was the trailblazer in these soda pop wars who received a record fee at the time for his commercial endorsement at $10–$15 million.

Considering how often Taylor does these marketing collaborations, it's hard to imagine her Diet Coke campaign will be anywhere near as hyped or memorable as Britney or Michael's. But given the examples above, we can only assume Taylor's influence still carries a hefty price tag, probably somewhere in the double digit million dollar range for starters, and that commercials with singing and strumming, sponsored tweets, and a product placement name drop in one of her next songs are already in motion.