5 Super Generous Stars Who Treated Their Crew

August 31, 2011 By:
5 Super Generous Stars Who Treated Their Crew

Living in Hollywood, you hear a ton of horror stories about working for celebs. You can’t look them in the eye, they only want purple M&Ms, and then they yell at you when you tell them there’s no such thing as a purple M&M.

But some celebs reach the top and still manage to keep one foot grounded in reality. Working for some celebrities can be awesome, as it should be. Especially when they decide to show their appreciation by sharing the wealth. Here are 5 stars who treated their crews.

Katy Perry: Back in June, while Katy Perry and her hard-working crew were on tour in Atlanta, they took over the Remede Spa at the St. Regis Hotel. Perry paid for all of them to have $225 customized facials and $240 aromatherapy massages. Hmm, I wonder if she would’ve noticed me walking in and telling the staff, “Err--I’m with Katy.”

Jessica Biel & Gerard Butler: While Jessica and Gerard were filming Playing the Field in Shreveport, Louisiana, they decided to treat their crew to cupcakes. They ordered 13 dozen cupcakes from Cush’s Grocery. “It’s a wide variety of cupcakes [that] she and Gerard ordered for a Friday treat,” a source said.

Eva Longoria: In March, while filming for Desperate Housewives, Eva arranged for the Fatburger truck to visit the set and bought the entire crew delicious, greasy cheeseburgers. Longoria Tweeted:

“Last day of shooting on set for this season! So we got the Fatburger truck to come out and make burgers for the crew!"

Yeeeeaaaah….I see your angle here, Eva. The best diet ever is fattening everyone around you up so you look thinner. Genius. Simply genius.

Katie Holmes: While filming Mad Money, Holmes treated her crew to different treats each week. One crewmember said: “The first Friday was smoothies. Then we had ice cream, pizza, cupcakes, Coke floats and then snow cones." Damn. Working for Katie Holmes is like going to a state fair. Let’s just hope Tom Cruise didn’t show up and make everyone take a free stress test.

Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift is notoriously nice. And working for her is freaking awesome. This summer, Taylor promised her crew that after the tour, she’s going to take them on a tropical vacation.

“We usually take everyone on a vacation, like everybody, every single person on the tour, band, dancers, crew," Swift said. “We usually pick somewhere beautiful and tropical.”

Where do you fill out an application for Taylor Swift entourage member?