26 Times We Wanted Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to Be Together

February 13, 2014 By:
26 Times We Wanted Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to Be Together
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Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s best friendship will make you believe in true platonic love all over again!

Honestly though, we kind of wish they'd just date each other already. I mean, look at them...


1. When Ed posts cute couple-y photos of them together like this one.


2. And this one.


3. When he posts pictures of Taylor’s cat Meredith, which means he spends a lot of time at her home, probably.


4. When Ed suggested that their couple name be “Sweeran.”


5. When Taylor Swift gave Ed Sheeran this jam jar with their super cute inside joke about that time Kanye West interrupted her at the VMAs.


6. Whenever they perform together on stage and it’s effing magical.


7. Because their chemistry is PALPABLE.


8. And they can’t keep their hands off each other.



9. When Ed’s hug says “friend,” but face says “I love you forever.”



10. When they make eye contact like the audience doesn’t even exist.



11. When they literally cannot stop laughing.



12. When they end performances like this.



13. When Taylor just stares at him while he plays.



14. When they playfully flirt on stage.



15. That time Taylor said she was “almost tearing up” when Ed played his first solo show at Madison Square Garden.


16. When he defended her dating habits and said, “Taylor’s only been with two people in two years, and I’ve had friends that have been with 10 people in one year and nobody’s calling them a slut.”


17. When they went on a paddleboarding trip like a couple of honeymooners.


18. When they sit together on roller coasters.


19. When Taylor found out she didn’t win Country Album of the Year and Ed was the FIRST person she wanted to talk about it with.



20. When he was practically gushing over her in this interview.



21. When he called her “kind” and “normal.”



22. When he lied about NOT wanting to date her.



23. Because he clearly does.


As evidenced by this giggly GIF.


24. When they were each other’s dates to the Billboard Music Awards.



25. When they had a jam session with Cara Delevingne and poor Cara had to be the third wheel to Taylor and Ed’s musical magic.


26. When Taylor said this and it basically summed up everything.