2013 Celebrity Couples Predictions

December 29, 2012 By:
2013 Celebrity Couples Predictions


I’m loving all the love that happened in 2012. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis getting together. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively secretly getting married. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s weird teenage on-again-off-again romance.

But, I’m sick of those couples and want new ones, so here are Hollyscoop’s predictions for 2013’s love pairings.

Taylor Swift and Josh Hutcherson: I know that Taylor is dating Harry Styles, but she’s been with him for about a month so by February she’ll have moved on. It’s science, you guys. She needs to get together with The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson. He’s cute, nice, and younger than her so she’ll definitely be into it.

Zac Efron and Ashley Greene: Zac has been single for way too long. Since he hasn’t met me yet, I’m gonna put him together with Twilight actress Ashley Greene. Zac likes brunettes, Ashley likes good bone structure (she dated Joe Jonas), it’s a match made in pretty people heaven.

Joe Jonas and Dakota Fanning: Dakota needs a high profile relationship and Joe recently said he wants an innocent and good Christian girl. I’m sure Dakota is both those things.

Paris Hilton and Ryan Lochte: Paris Hilton and Ryan Lochte. I’m not even going to elaborate. DONE.

Courtney Cox and Gerard Butler: Gerard Butler recently said he wants to settle down and he technically has a girlfriend right now, but she’s not famous, so we’re going to pair him with Courtney Cox. They are age appropriate, Courtney’s the settling down type and she likes eccentric guys, so…

Bradley Cooper and Cameron Diaz: Okay, so Bradley is dating Zoe Saldana, but they are so on-again and off-again that I want Brad to date Cameron Diaz. He’s kind of a player-ish and so is Cameron. With these two, I think they would’ve finally met their match.

Lindsay Lohan and Rob Kardashian: HAHAHHAHAA. Oh, that’s funny.

Taylor Lautner and Kendall Jenner: How has this not happened yet? Kendall needs to date a famous guy, Taylor needs a hot GF, these two would make one mighty attractive couple. How cute would they be, right?

Katy Perry and Adam Levine: Last we heard, John Mayer was cheating on the not-so-serious relationship he had with Katy Perry, so that means she needs to move on. She’s obviously got a thing for faux “bad boys,” why not date Adam Levine? Is she not enough of a Victoria’s Secret model for him?