Taylor Momsen on 'Gossip Girl': 'F*ck No! I'm Done Done Done!'

March 14, 2012 By:
Taylor Momsen on 'Gossip Girl': 'F*ck No! I'm Done Done Done!'

You can go ahead and cross ‘actress’ off of Taylor Momsen’s list. She's gone from Gossip Girl to rock star, heading the band, ‘The Pretty Reckless.’

Taylor portrays a rockin’, inebriated bad girl in her new music video, My Medicine off of Light Me Up, the band's debut studio album.

Hollyscoop caught up with the wild child at the JustFabulous Celebrates The Launch of Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne, and Taylor told us she was “going for honesty” in the video.

“It stars my good friend Jenna Hayes,” Taylor told Hollyscoop. “It’s kinda like—it’s a vignette of a piece of life.”

And speaking of life, Taylor seems to have a really carefree view of the world around, her, and she proved that when we asked her what motto she lives by.

“F-ck it." Taylor told us. "I don’t know.”

So does she plan to head back to acting anytime soon?

“F-ck no! Never!” Taylor told Hollyscoop. When we asked her about Gossip Girl, Taylor added: “I am done, done, done."

“It’s good to finally be able to focus on music and not have to work on ten jobs at once.”

Momsen is set to headline a tour with Marilyn Manson, starting April 27.
“I’m a big fan,” Taylor said of working with the rocker. “Super psyched!”