Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Avoiding Each Other

January 7, 2010 By:
Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Avoiding Each Other

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner just parted ways a couple of weeks ago, and they’re already ignoring each other! Last night, both Taylors showed up to the People’s Choice Awards, but they steered clear of each other.

According to E!, both teen stars were seated in very close proximity to each other, but didn’t get up to say hello. Swift did, however, get up with her mother when Lautner won favorite breakthrough actor, and gave him a standing ovation. But insiders say it was just for show, since she knew the camera would inevitably pan over to see her reaction.

On the flip side, however, when Swift entered late into the show during a commercial break and the crowd went wild—but Lautner never looked up. Lautner left the show shortly after accepting his award, and Swift stayed until she won for favorite female artist, near the end of the show.

Insiders insist there’s no bad blood, but it seems weird that they wouldn’t even say hello! Hopefully everything is less awkward for them at the upcoming premiere of Valentine’s Day.