Taylor Lautner Wasn't Sure New Moon Would Be a Success

November 23, 2009 By:
Taylor Lautner Wasn't Sure New Moon Would Be a Success

Taylor Lautner is a household name thanks to Twilight and New Moon. But just a few months ago, he admits he wasn’t positive about how successful the sequel would be.

Hollyscoop talked with fellow werewolf Alex Mraz on the red carpet of the AMAs and he talked about the unbelievable success New Moon had in its opening weekend.

We asked him what his reaction was to New Moon being the third highest opening in film history, and he said, “Its great and fantastic that it’s doing so well. I am just glad that fans have been coming in droves to watch it. Also the fact that there are newer fans that are coming to watch it. I mean the numbers speak for itself.”

Alex then told us about a conversation he had with Taylor not too long ago, which may surprise you. “Actually, honestly I remember me and Taylor Lautner were eating and talking about it,” he said.

“We were like ‘We don’t know if its going to be this big,’ just because we knew Twilight fans watched it over and over again. So we’re like, ‘I don’t know if their gonna do that again.’ To see these numbers I am like cool, we’re alright.”

Those werewolves are humble boys, and we’re glad they’re enjoying all the success they worked hard for! Since we were at the AMAs, we had to ask Alex what he thought about self-proclaimed shewolf Shakira possibly joining the Quileute pack. “I don’t know…” he told us.

Shakira could definitely give the wolf pack a run for their money!