Taylor Lautner Still Shacking Up With Mom and Dad!

June 29, 2010 By:
Taylor Lautner Still Shacking Up With Mom and Dad!

Taylor Lautner might be this big movie star, so you would think by now he would have bought himself a big house. Nope, that's not the case!

Taylor still lives with his parents and when he's at home, he's no movie star, he's just a kid that has chores.

Taylor Lautner is Tone Deaf

He said: “I help out with the lawn, garbage, dishes”.

Taylor's parents are so strict with him they don't let him get away with the chores when he's away. He joked: “When I come back, I have extra mowing to do.”

Taylor's goal is to try to stay 'normal' as long as he can. He told Matt Lauer: “It's very important to me. I describe it as I live two different lives. I have this life and do what I love to do, but I also have the same exact life as before and nothing has changed."

Who's he kidding? We're sure he's not the same kid he was a few years ago before Twilight. Let's just hope he doesn't become fake Hollywood like the rest of them.