Taylor Lautner Gets Waxed

March 20, 2013 By:
Taylor Lautner Gets Waxed
Image By: wenn.com

There’s nothing like starting your day by looking at photos of hairless 21-year-olds to make you feel like a pervert. Anyways, here’s Taylor Lautner getting waxed, and by that we mean his Madame Tussaud’s wax figure! Mind out of the gutters, readers!

It’s scary accurate, even down to his chiseled abs, but we’re not surprised because human Taylor has terrifyingly precise bone structure and a generally robotic appearance, not unlike a wax figure.

Here are some of Taylor’s previous wax figures, all weirdly humanoid as well.

In London, “Taylor” is posed next to the poor man’s version of Robert Pattinson. No seriously, that is the worst "Robert Pattinson" we've ever seen. That is a strung out Ian Somerhalder at best.

In New York, a more formal Taylor is threatening fans with his piercing gaze.

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