Taylor Lautner and Jason Sudeikis Parody "Hangover" at MTV Movie Awards

June 6, 2011 By:
Taylor Lautner and Jason Sudeikis Parody

One of the clips at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards was a parody of the “Hangover 2” starring Jason Sudeikis, Taylor Lautner, Justin Bartha and Eva Mendes.

It was actually a pretty funny clip with incorporated scenes from 'The Social Network,' 'Black Swan,' and '127 Hours,' including a cameo from Chelsea Handler.

In the clip, Jason is supposed to bring Taylor Lautner to the MTV Movie Awards but ends up losing him after running in to Justin Bartha.

What did you guys think of Sudeikis as the host of the Movie Awards? Do you guys think he did a good job?