How to Score a Date with Taylor Lautner

July 4, 2010 By:
How to Score a Date with Taylor Lautner

Start working on your pick up skills ladies. Taylor Lautner confessed he would totally date a fan-but are you his type?

He said: “Would I date a fan? Well I don’t exclude anyone, so sure, why not?

“I don’t have a type physically, but loyalty and honesty are important, and also someone who can also just be herself and just let loose and have fun.”

Taylor Still Shacking Up With Mom and Dad

If you happen to resemble Jessica Alba, you'll get some major bonus points with the hot stud.

He added: “I’ve always been a big fan of Jessica Alba. So I have to throw her name out there. Yeah, I’d have to stick with her because I’ve always loved Jessica.”

Maybe Taylor has what it takes to get Jessica to smile. He's been super moody in photos lately. Save Jessica!