Taylor Kitsch’s Beauty Is Ruining My Life

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Taylor Kitsch’s Beauty Is Ruining My Life
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Can a person be so beautiful it actually puts your life in jeopardy? Well, the answer is yes. The answer is Taylor Kitsch.

Taylor Kitsch is what most people in media would consider a certifiable hottie.

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His smolder is more than enough evidence.



And it’s actually ruining lives everywhere.

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Like, how can you function in the world when you know a beauty like this exists?

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How do you even form words when he can so effortlessly pull off a beanie?

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How do you even style your hair in the morning when Taylor Kitsch is styling his hair 400 times better than all of us?

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You just don’t. You don’t do any of those things. Your life has been ruined.

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You can’t even be within 50 feet of him without your lungs just shutting down entirely.

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Because he quite literally leaves you breathless.

Austin Hargrave/The Hollywood Reporter



Austin Hargrave/The Hollywood Reporter


His beauty is so strong, it leaves you weak in the knees.



And your soul.

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And in the souls of your knees.


Yes, your knees have souls, FYI.


You would run through oncoming traffic to get to this.

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Disclaimer: This is our final photo. Please try to proceed with life as usual.

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Keyword: "Try."