Bravo Re-editing 'Real Housewives' After Russell Armstrong's Death

August 19, 2011 By:
Bravo Re-editing 'Real Housewives' After Russell Armstrong's Death

After Russell Armstrong’s family and friends blamed Bravo for his death—probably unfairly— the network is having to re-edit a lot of what it had ready for the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Why? Because most of it centered around the tumultuous relationship between Russell and Taylor, and the network doesn’t want to seem tasteless, of course.

Here’s an idea, why not just scrap the season altogether? Replace it with an extra season of The Real Housewives of New York. Just take the B-roll from that show, add in some sound effects from a turkey farm, and no one will know the difference.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cast and crew of the show has been told that the date of the show’s premiere will be postponed by at least a week. A source close to the show told THR that producers met with the cast on Tuesday to discuss the fate of the show. Some are encouraging the network to just get rid of it altogether.

“People are concerned about being associated with the show and his passing,” the source said.

So far, there are no plans to completely get rid of it, but there’s been no decision on when they premiere will be. The season premiere was supposed to be on September 5th, but it's being pushed back by at least one week, if not more. A Bravo spokesperson said that no decision on the premiere has been made.

Despite claims of pushing the premiere, the network president, Frances Berwick, told Variety:

"Contrary to what is being reported, we have not made a decision to change our original premiere date but we are in the process of reediting the show."

Which basically translates to: we have people working overtime to re-edit this sh-t, and they better get it done in time.

No one is sure how much Russell was set to be featured in the upcoming season, but advance copies of the first episode do hint at the couple’s divorce. At one point in the first episode—which was given to media outlets—their marital issues are mocked by a fellow Housewife.

While Russell’s attorney, Ronald Richards, hasn’t out rightly blamed Bravo, he has hinted that the show caused problems in Armstrong's life. Do you think Bravo is to blame? Let us know what you think.