Tara Reid to Appear In Playboy

October 12, 2009 By:
Tara Reid to Appear In Playboy

Tara Reid is ready to let it all hang out! Not like we haven’t seen her almost completely naked before…New reports suggest Tara is going to appear in an upcoming Playboy issue totally in the buff!

As you know, Tara’s body has been somewhat of a yo-yo in recent years, and she even underwent a botched lipo procedure in 2004.

After that, she promised never to shed her clothes for a photoshoot because of her insecurity.


But Tara must have either overcome that fear, or be in dire need of a paycheck! According to In Touch, Tara recently posed completely nude for the men’s mag at a private residence in Santa Monica, California earlier this month.

A source close to Tara says, "She was a bit insecure about her body when they first started. She looked great and finally got into the groove."

We definitely wouldn’t put it past her! Tara has been off the radar lately, and this is one sure way to get back in the headlines!