Tara Reid Slams Paris and Lindsay

January 25, 2008 By:
Tara Reid Slams Paris and Lindsay

Hollywood party girl Tara Reid is slamming Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan insisting they deserved going to jail and should have been punished for their actions.

She says, "What have I ever really done? Dance on a table? When Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton got their DUIs they got punished, they deserved it. But my punishment, I don't feel like it fits the crime. I don't understand why people punish others for being happy."

Um...hello? Paris got shafted and did more time behind bars than all of Hollywood's bad girls combined. If anyone deserved more jail time it was Lindsay Lohan!

Tara should concentrate on walking without stumbling over drunk before she bashes on someone else. Clean up your act girl, you’re in your damn 30's already!