Tara Reid is Ready to Terrorize Nightclubs Again

April 20, 2010 By:
Tara Reid is Ready to Terrorize Nightclubs Again

Tara Reid is more of a professional party girl than a wifey...so it should come as no surprise that the former actress has called off her wedding.

Tara said "thanks, but no thanks" to her businessman boyfriend Michael Axtmann and changed her Facebook status to "single." You know it's serious when you change your FB status.

They were planning a small summer wedding but instead of getting married, Tara's probably going to be Lindsay's party pal this summer.

When asked about the wedding she recently said, "I've always wanted that fairytale Cinderella look. There's only one moment in your entire life when you can dress like that, so I want to go over-the-top. A total princess."

She added, "Seeing myself and picturing Michael at the altar, I get butterflies in my stomach."

Some folks are whispering that Michael likes to bat for the other team. No seriously. Google it.

So much for her Princess Bride fantasy. Oh well...she didn't seem like she was ready to settle down anyway, and he didn't seem like he was into girls. Better luck next time guys.