Tara Reid Caught Gold Digging

June 8, 2010 By:
Tara Reid Caught Gold Digging

You’ve been outed, Tara Reid!

We never thought she was actually in “love” with that fiancé of hers, Michael Axtmann. But he was insanely rich, being the Italian Internet entrepreneur he was. And we didn’t doubt for a minute that Tara was with him for his fortune.

Now Axtmann’s father Siegfried Axtmann has come forward proving our claim, saying the only reason he and Tara called off the wedding was because she refused to sign a pre-nup!

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Axtmann is a German businessman who owns a very successful private jet company, and he definitely saw what Tara was trying to do. He tells German broadcaster RTL, "I didn't want an American court disdaining our family business and have a cuckoo's egg laid in our nest."

Ha! That’s just slightly different from the reason Michael claimed he and Tara broke it off—for “legal reasons.”

So much for the fairy tale wedding Tara wanted. Girlfriend may have set her gold digging sights a little too high on that one. Luckily Axtmann’s father was smart enough to realize what a dumb mistake his son was about to make!