Free Rehab for Tara Reid

December 29, 2008 By:
Free Rehab for Tara Reid

Rehab for regular folks is a pretty big deal, it means you've admitted you have a problem and you're ready to get clean. Rehab for young starlets is a joke. It means your career is suffering and it’s the only way you can gain public sympathy and score a new movie role.

When Tara Reid checked into rehab earlier this month, we were left wondering if she was actually going there to get her act together, or if she was another PR stunt. Thanks to Star magazine we now know the motive behind her rehab visit.

"Enrollment is down due to the bad economy, so in an effort to drum up publicity, they asked around Hollywood to see who wanted to stay there for free," says a source.

Tara basically got a free ride at Promises, which includes a $1,600 a night room, the VIP treatment and they assured her that her incoming packages wouldn't be searched, unlike other guests.

"Tara Reid has checked herself into Promises Treatment Center. We appreciate your respect to her and her family's privacy at this time," her rep Jack Ketsoyan told on December 12.

Now we know why they asked for everyone to respect her privacy, but released the name of the treatment center she's going to be at. Typical.

Tara isn't famous enough to make rehab a trend. If it was Paris or Britney, business would be booming at Promises, but unfortunately, no one cares that much about Tara. Hopefully she'll use the time to actually get her life back on track. We almost forgot she was still an actress.

UPDATE: Star magazine removed the story from their site after Promises released the following statement to

While Promises will not comment on any specific individual, Promises would like to clarify the integrity of our policy:

1) Promises is committed to keeping the identity of clients private to the best of our ability. Promises does not comments on its fees.

2) ALL client belongings are searched, as are ALL incoming packages. Rooms are subject to search at random.

3) ALL clients are treated the same and expected to follow the same set of rules with no exceptions.

Any suggestion that Promises is in any financial trouble whatsoever is patently untrue. The suggestion that Promises would search Hollywood for a celebrity who needs rehab in an effort to garner publicity is libelous, offensive and without any basis in reality.

Promises has demanded a retraction from Star, and the story is in the process of being removed from their website. Promises is extremely disappointed that the editors at Star did not attempt to contact
Promises either for comment or to fact check their story.