Tara Conner on Ryan Seacrest: He's Dreamy

January 29, 2009 By:
Tara Conner on Ryan Seacrest: He's Dreamy

Could the busiest man in show business be dating the former Miss USA? Rumors of a romance between Ryan Seacrest and Tara Conner surfaced a few months ago when they were photographed on what looked like a date.

Ryan definitely has a type and Tara fits the profile exactly: skinny, over baked, and blonde.

Hollyscoop caught up with Tara at Donald Trump's Press Conference for "The Girls of Hedsor Hall," to get the low down on her love life.

When asked about her romance with Ryan, Tara told Hollyscoop: "Ryan and I have been friends for probably 3 years, so every time we're seen together we all hang out. We're all like one big family so if they see me and Ryan there like 'oh they're dating' and I'm like 'we're friends.'"

She added, "He's pretty witty, he's a witty guy, I've got to give it to
him, and he's a sweetheart, and he's handsome. You know he's dreamy whatever, but it's Ryan, hi Ryan, he's just Ryan."

She sounds like a schoolgirl with a crush talking about him. If she's trying to convince us that she isn't dating him, she isn't doing a very good job.