Suzanne Somers on Patrick Swayze: He's One of the Lucky Ones

January 7, 2009 By:
Suzanne Somers on Patrick Swayze: He's One of the Lucky Ones

Breast cancer survivor, actress and anti-pharmaceutical advocate Suzanne Somers knows a thing or two about cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2000, and famously battled it using alternative therapy.

Somers spoke openly over the years about how she took Iscador, an extract of mistletoe that some claim stimulates the immune system and helps fight cancer and other diseases. But she was also very verbal about finding your own way, your own path, and your own cure.

While some actors opt to keep their health a private matter, actors like Somers and Patrick Swayze have opened up about their battle with cancer, in hopes that it will ultimately help someone else who is also fighting for their health.

In his first TV interview since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in March 2008, Patrick Swayze talked to Barbara Walters for a 20/20 special, where he confessed he's scared and angry.

He says, "There's a lot of fear here. There's a lot of stuff going on. Yeah, I'm scared. Yeah, I'm angry. Yeah, I'm (asking) why me. Yeah, I'm all this stuff. You can bet that I'm going through hell. And I've only seen the beginning of it."

While each cancer is different, a survivor is still a survivor. Hollyscoop caught up with Somers at the Palm Springs Film Festival on Tuesday, where she confessed to Hollyscoop that although "pancreatic [cancer] is terrible," she still thinks that Patrick is "one of the lucky ones. Whatever he’s doing, it's right!"

In regards to her own battle she told Hollyscoop, "You have to do your own work. You can’t leave it up to the doctors. You have to really think this through. Because the treatment for cancer is very precarious. So I choose something else, and that was right for me. Everybody has to do what's right for them."

Fortunately, Patrick confessed that he's responding well to treatments (he's tried a series of experimental therapies) and has even returned back to work on his A&E drama The Beast. "My treatments are working and I am winning the battle," he confessed.

His 20/20 special with Walters will air tonight on ABC, so make sure to check it out for the full interview. As always, our hearts and prayers go out to Patrick and his family, along with anyone else who is battling any health problem.