Susan Sarandon's Beauty Advice: Have a Lot of Sex

March 8, 2012 By:
Susan Sarandon's Beauty Advice: Have a Lot of Sex

Two decades after Thelma & Louise, and Susan Sarandon has still got it going on.

Hollyscoop caught up with Sarandon at the Jeff, Who Lives At Home Hollywood Premiere, and we just had to ask what her secret to staying young is.

“Don’t smoke,” Susan told us. “That’s a big one. I think that really helps your skin a lot. Eat healthy. Have a lot of sex. Have fun, laugh!”

She makes it sound so easy. And fun!

“I think all those things really contribute to something on the inside that can make you pretty on the outside,” Susan told Hollyscoop.

She stars in Jeff, Who Lives At Home, taking on the role of Sharon, Jeff’s mom. Jeff is played by Jason Segel, and Ed Helms also stars in the movie.

“They’re really wonderful,” Susan says about her costars. “I wish I had more scenes with them. Maybe in the sequel…”

When Hollyscoop asked if she was similar to her character in the movie, Susan told us: “No, I’m not! I’m more like Jeff!”

Except I don’t think she lives in a basement.

Sarandon also had some advice for young Hollywood stars: “Oh my God, stop and realize that you are at the height of your beauty, and just enjoy it,” Sarandon told Hollyscoop. “And you know, have a good time! Because you can’t take it too seriously. Celebrate your imperfections and let go of it. Just enjoy it while you have it.”

Oh, and she had one more bit of advice for them:

“Don’t smoke.”