Nude Susan Sarandon Scenes to be Released

November 4, 2008 By:
Nude Susan Sarandon Scenes to be Released

Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon is about to be exposed in a way that she probably never imagined.

Susan, who is now 62, took part in a little film shot in Quebec back in 1971 called "The Apprentice” and it’s about have its first DVD release next month.

Why does this even matter? As it turns out, Susan was only 24 at the time and decided that it would be okay to go a few nude scenes here and there.

A source told Page Six, "There is sex in the movie and Sarandon is sexy and nude. There are a few sex scenes and one involving Sarandon as a sensual Anglophone model who's a prisoner of her own sexual abandonment."

How do you think her longtime mate Tim Robbins feels about the fact that everyone is about to see her naked?