Susan Boyle Talks Fame and Exhaustion with Oprah

January 20, 2010 By:
Susan Boyle Talks Fame and Exhaustion with Oprah

Poor Susan Boyle has been thrown into the spotlight faster than a speeding bullet. She’s had a couple of public meltdowns, a stint in the hospital, and a number one album.

The international superstar sat down with Oprah to talk about her newfound fame, and explained how she’s been dealing with becoming a household name overnight.

Oprah asks Susan in a clip that aired yesterday about the time she was hospitalized in June. She asks, “How are you handling it all, because we heard was it a mini-breakdown you had?”

Susan responds, “Well there’s two types of exhaustion—exhaustion due to ill health, and there’s exhaustion due to work. I was exhausted because I was worked. I was fine, absolutely fine.”

"I hadn't eaten for about a week," she said. "I hadn't slept. The feeling was one of extreme exhaustion. It's a chapter of my life that's over with now."

And now that that is over, Susan is able to focus on her success, which she seems genuinely grateful for. Speaking about selling 8 million albums, Susan says, “It’s astounding. And it’s very humbling as well. Because a lot of people take the time and trouble to go and spend money on an album from an unknown artist. I’m glad and pleased with the result. I can only say thank you all for your support.”

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