Susan Boyle is Looking for Love

April 12, 2010 By:
Susan Boyle is Looking for Love

Susan Boyle dreamt a dream and became an overnight sensation both in the UK and in the US. And now that she's famous, there's one big thing missing from her life--love.

Susan is said to be looking for Mr. Right because she doesn't want to be a spinster forever.

In a TV interview in Australia, she said: “I go on looking. Some day my prince will come. But I have never been in a better place. It’s absolutely brilliant for me right now.”

Susan, 49, admitted she recently asked out a 66 year-old fellow churchgoer named Helmut Glaser, but he turned her down telling her she's too old.

Maybe he didn't know she was a celebrity? She seems like such a sweet soul, we're sure she'll find love soon. Meanwhile, Susan is still trying to get used to the idea of fame.

She added: “It takes a wee bit to get used to it. I had to learn to be a bit different, people recognize you in the street. At the beginning I couldn’t go out on my own. I still catch the bus.”

We hope Susan finds love soon, she seems a little lonely and lost. Who do you think Susan should be set up with?