Susan Boyle Dyes Hair, Get a Makeover

April 24, 2009 By:
Susan Boyle Dyes Hair, Get a Makeover

Ladies and Gentlemen, Susan Boyle has gotten herself a meakover, but the question is, do you like it?

The Scottish singing sensation, who became an overnight success after appearing on the TV show, Britain's Got Talent, got her hair dyed and even got her eyebrows done! She colored her frizzy, gray hair chestnut brown and got it blown out for just under $50.00!

Boyle was also photographed in a hipper outfit rather than the oldschool dress she wore during the competition. She was sporting a leather jacket and even a Burberry scarf.

The interesting thing is that when she was asked if she would ever change her look on Larry King Live, she replied "Why should I change?"

Do you guys think Susan Boyle should have changed her look? Or was her look that made her so popular?

The judges of "Britain's Got Talent" will vote on May 23 to determine whether Boyle goes to the next round. Stay tuned...