Demi and Ashton Want Susan Boyle to Sing at Anniversary

June 5, 2009 By:
Demi and Ashton Want Susan Boyle to Sing at Anniversary

Celebrities are lucky enough to have their pick of the litter when it comes to performers for private events. But for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, they’re only interested in one person. And that’s Susan Boyle!

Demi and Ashton apparently want the Britain’s Got Talent star to perform for their upcoming wedding anniversary. A source tells The Daily Mirror, A source said: “Demi and Ashton think Susan is absolutely brilliant, in a fantastically unique and kitsch way.”

“Demi joked to Ashton about booking Susan to sing for him. She wanted her to lift up her skirt and flash her knee, the way she did with Piers Morgan.

And the couple is willing to pay a pretty penny to entice Susan to perform for them this coming September. According to the source, they’re willing to pay $42,000 for her to do the gig!

The source says, “The idea is a cocktail party at home in Los Angeles, the highlight being Susan singing.”

And speaking of Susan Boyle, she’s just been released from London’s Priory Clinic, where she had spent five days being treated for exhaustion and an anxiety attack. Her brother tells Britain’s GMTV, "She's much happier. She seems a lot more like herself."

Glad to hear she’s doing better. Adjusting to fame can be a bitch!