Suri Cruise to Begin Scientology Training

April 13, 2009 By:
Suri Cruise to Begin Scientology Training

While most little girls look forward to getting a new dollhouse for their third birthday, Suri Cruise can look forward to attending school full time. After her third birthday next week, Suri will be heading off to Scientology school.

She’s set to attend the New Village Academy in LA, which was founded by fellow Scientologist Will Smith. According to the Daily Mail, the school is very strict, not only on their teachings, but with the students’ diet as well.

A source tells the paper, “The children have a lot of responsibilities from a very young age. The school is particularly strict about nutrition, demanding a low-carb, low-sodium and low-sugar organic diet. Katie is understandably a little anxious about being separated from Suri.”

This will be a huge change from Suri’s current lifestyle, which consists mainly of hanging out and shopping with mom, and the occasional cupcake. Guess it was fun while it lasted!

And speaking of strict diets, Katie has reportedly been on one of her own. She just completed the Purification Rundown diet, which consists of herbal drinks to eliminate toxins, and prepare her body to get pregnant again. Sources say after Katie wraps filming on The Extra Man in New York, she’ll be trying for baby number two!

Guess Katie is going to need a new little companion since Suri is being shipped off to school!


"It's not accurate information," a rep for the school tells "No application has been filed. Students start at age 4 and above." Holmes' rep echoed the statement saying: "this item is false."