Suri Cruise Taunts Paparazzi With Funny Faces

August 21, 2012 By:
Suri Cruise Taunts Paparazzi With Funny Faces

After having the past two months of her public life documented by flashing cameras, Suri Cruise is finally giving it back to the paparazzi.

The little A-lister is still a six-year-old at heart. During a sighting alongside her mom on an outing in NYC, Suri was captured sticking her tongue out at the paparazzi.

Suri’s rebellious tongue-flash was caught during a Monday trip to the Make Meaning creative entertainment destination in Manhattan.
In the photo, Katie Holmes holds her daughter close, wrapped in a pink fleece jacket. Suri looks over her mom’s shoulder with some serious attitude, facing the camera and sticking her tongue out.

In a very “na-na na-na boo-boo” move, Suri hammered the message home, using her hands as moose antlers while sneering at the photogs.

Under the blanket jacket, Suri wore a princess perfect red dress and a pair of ruby red slipper flats. Over her shoulder swung a pink tutu bag.

Mom went casual, doting over her daughter in a pair of loose white pants and a denim top. Katie kept Suri close by her side, holding her stuffed animal.

While Katie protected her daughter from the photos, Suri played mom too, protecting her doll toy under a blanket.

The mother-daughter duo also stopped by Two Little Twins cupcake shop on the Upper East Side of the city. Hollyscoop spoke to an employee at the store who says it's not the first time either.

Make Meaning is an arts and crafts center where patrons can make jewelry, gift cards, candles, and cake decorating.

Since their speedy divorce, Katie and Tom Cruise have reportedly been talking over the phone about Suri’s first day at her new (Catholic) school. They will reportedly reunite for the first time on Suri’s first day this fall.