Suri Cruise Pals Around With Friend...Yes, She Has Friends

July 13, 2012 By:
Suri Cruise Pals Around With Friend...Yes, She Has Friends

Taking a break from being photographed exclusively with her mother, Suri Cruise palled about in NY with a, what, friend? She has those? Friends?

Katie, Suri and a young pal were seen strolling through New York as Katie took Suri and the friend to a gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers.

Suri and her friend were adorable. Suri walked with her arm around her friend’s waist and then the two good friends held hands as they ran to hurry into the gym class.

I don’t know if Katie’s post-divorce plan of action is to keep Suri as busy as possible, but the mother-daughter duo have been giving the paparazzi A LOT of photographic moments as of late.

Earlier this week, Suri, Katie and her mom Kathleen were spotted at the Central Park zoo where mini-Katie was enjoying feeding the goats and playing with penguins, that apparently were Suri’s favorite.

The three women were also spotted in Chelsea Piers on Tuesday for another day of Suri’s gymnastics class.

On Wednesday night, Katie was seen without her daughter going to dinner! Gasp! Katie exited Lion Restaurant in New York City in tight leather pants, white blazer and heels. I had no idea that Katie owned anything other than wide-leg trousers and mom-tunics.

No idea who her mystery dinner date was. Reportedly it was an agent with CAA to talk about the future of her career or maybe it was just a friend. But if that “friend” happened to be Chris Klein, I think the gossip world might self-destruct.