Suri Cruise Looks Nervous At First Day of School

September 11, 2012 By:
Suri Cruise Looks Nervous At First Day of School

Suri Cruise has entered the building. At 6-years-old young Suri Cruise is making her society debut at where else, the 1st grade.

Suri looks scared sh-tless as she waited in the car before heading into the school.

In some photos, Suri even held her pink leopard bag over her face to shield herself from the paparazzi cameras. How sad that at 6-years-old she already knows how to hide her face from paparazzi cameras. She’ll probably have an anxiety attack on school picture day!

In order to avoid the paparazzi at the front door, Suri was snuck in through the back door by the dumpsters! It looks like they snuck her in between a Uhaul box and a security team.

Suri’s new school is a fancy private school called Avenues: The World School in N.Y.C’s Chelsea neighborhood. It’s the inaugural year for the new school.


After Suri was safely escorted into the school SWAT team style, Katie eventually went home.

Apparently other parents with children in the school were taking photos of Suri and Katie too! Uhhh, ain’t you never seen a celebrity before!?