Suri Cruise is Freakin' 6!

April 18, 2012 By:
Suri Cruise is Freakin' 6!

Six years ago Katie Homes and Tom Cruise welcomed to this world a baby girl, Suri. Today, that little girl made headlines by doing what other seven-year-olds across the globe have already managed to do a year ago. Turn six.

With the celebrity toddler already at kindergartener age, it seems that time has flown by since newborn Suri graced the October cover of Vanity Fair in 2006.

Ever since that cover story and accompanying photos of the new family at their Colorado retreat was released, we're almost certain there's been no need for a photo album since paparazzi follow them everywhere.

Suri’s childhood has been documented and photographed tirelessly.

Even with having to share her father of two siblings, Suri is anything but deprived. Today’s festivities are surely proving to be a lavish affair, as Suri’s parents have been known to throw some serious birthday bashes.

Her second birthday party featured a $5,000 cake and a $45,000 catoring tab. The total bill for that day was reported to be $100,000. Obviously, as a brand new two-year-old, Suri remembers the event in full detail.

Last year, along with a swanky “little tea party” her parents held at their Beverly Hills mansion, there was rumored to be a $5 million addition to the five-year-olds trust fund from Cruise himself.

What present could beat that? A private jet? A small country? Perhaps a pony back ride on a rare or imaginary beast.

Don’t settle for average this year, Suri. Go big for a change!