Expert Says High Heels For Little Girls Are A Bad Idea

June 23, 2012 By:
Expert Says High Heels For Little Girls Are A Bad Idea

What do little girls need? To be taller. How do we make that happen? Put them in high heels.

Michael Kors now makes 3-inch heels for little girls and has tons of mommy bloggers up in arms about it.

Apparently we can blame Suri Cruise for the trend. She was spotted wearing gold sandals with heels several years ago and don't all little girls want to look like Suri?

Anyway, back to the story at hand. Michael Kors is one of the biggest designers to release a children’s heel. The shoes are advertised for toddlers and youth, and the size chart is geared towards girls aged between six and ten years old.

Hollyscoop spoke to Dr. Joshua Kaye, Podiatrist, who says this new trend is a really bad idea.

“When it comes to young girls wearing heels -- they have not yet reached skeletal stability at the age of six and if they chose to wear heels, they increase their risk of fractures and ankles sprains which in turn could lead to other potential health issues,” says Kaye.

To play devil’s advocate, the Michael Kors shoes are so adorable.

There’s a denim espadrille wedge with a nearly 3-inch heel; A strappy yellow sandal wedge; and a sparkly gold shoe with a tiny one-inch kitten heel.

The shoes retail for about $74. Target, Jessica Simpson Kids and Kenneth Cole Kids also sell heels for young girls.

What do you think? Should designers stop making shoes for little girls or do you secretly wish they made these in larger sized because those wedges are just too cute!