Movie Review: "Superhero Movie"

April 4, 2008 By:
Movie Review:

I usually cringe when I hear “From the makers of…”,
because if you’ve ever had siblings, you know that not
all offspring turn out so good (no, I’m not talking
about Britney). Having said that, the makers of the
Scary Movie films scored with 'Superhero Movie'.

The movie is a parody of the Spiderman films with Rick
Riker (played by Drake Bell), bitten by a genetically
altered Dragonfly sets out to save the world and, of
course, to get the girl, Jill. Writer/Director Craig
Mazin is smart enough to know to put as many as many
jokes, gags and pop references in the movie so that if
one or two bomb, there’s another to make you forget
about it. Leslie Nielsen as Uncle Albert manages to
steal scenes and show why he can make any movie funny.
One of Superhero’s funniest moments is a romantic
moment interrupted by enough flatulence to make you
change your diet. Old people farting and Tom Cruise
dying are sequels begging to be made. There are a few
X-Men jokes and a Batman spoof that goes on too long,
but before you know it, you’re laughing at something

The good: Lots of laughs, even when you don’t think
you will. A cute story with a happy ending.

The bad: Too much Stephen Hawking. The bloopers come
way too late in the credits.

The verdict: If you’re offended by fart/poop/sex jokes
or use the word ‘genre’ a lot, then you’ll have issues
with this movie. If you want to escape for 80 minutes
and laugh your ass off at a movie you may not remember
next week, then go see Superhero movie and find out
what really comes “with great power”.