Steven Tyler's Bandmates Fear He's Back on Drugs

November 19, 2009 By:
Steven Tyler's Bandmates Fear He's Back on Drugs

There's a whole lot of drama surrounding Steven Tyler and Aerosmith lately, and we may soon have some answers for the bands bizarre behavior.

Tyler's band mates are convinced that he's taking drugs again because of his "suspicious" behavior.

Guitarist Brad Whitford said: "I suspect there's a lot more going on than we know about. He has a well-documented history of drug abuse, and I find myself very suspicious. I haven't seen him do this or have any personal knowledge, but the isolation is very typical of addictive behavior, and his - what I call - irrational behavior."

Drummer Joey Kramer also urged Tyler to seek help and “get healthy.”
Joey said: "Steven has made some poor choices as of late, and he's got some bad influences around him, and I think that for the most part he's his own worst enemy. I just really hope that Steven puts the focus on Steven and gets healthy."

A rep for Tyler refused to comment on the drug allegations and instead insists that Tyler is busy writing a book.

Something is definitely not right with Tyler and his band members and we're not going to jump to conclusions, but we sure hope he's staying clean.