Steven Tyler: I Used to Think American Idol Sucked

May 25, 2011 By:
Steven Tyler: I Used to Think American Idol Sucked

Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are so perfect for American Idol; it’s hard to imagine the show without them at this point. They’re constructive, they give compliments and most importantly, they’re inspiring.

It’s hard to believe a legend like Steven wasn’t a big fan of the show before he joined. He hated the fact that certain judges would put contestants down and make them feel inferior. But now that he’s here, he’s ready to help these kids fulfill their dreams.

It’s certainly been a memorable season on Idol. The contestants learned a lot from the judges and the judges learned a lot from the kids. So what have the kids on Idol this season taught a legend like Steven? “To be humble,” he confessed during a press conference after the show on Tuesday. “To lay back and to listen to what is going on.”

And believe it or not, before joining Idol, he thought the show sucked! “I never wanted to do American Idol, I thought this show sucked. How can the kids be American Idols they haven’t played club, they haven’t paid their dues they haven’t done what we did?”

But after an emotional season, he confessed he was very wrong. “I was wrong. I was very wrong, they are out there we just had to look, weave through a bunch of them and find them. How does a 15 year-old sing like that and never done a club? How does that happen? That’s this. That is the gift and that’s what we’re looking for.”

Lauren blew her vocal cords right before last nights Idol show, but decided to move forward with the competition after a doctor checked her out. She went on stage and did great, but Steven is downplaying the situation.

“If I have a show I got to do and I’m forced to do two shows in a row with Aerosmith, you can take a shot of steroids. The only problem is the next day is not so good, I mean it gives you all that back it gets rid of the swelling but you really pay dearly the next day. She didn’t sing that much tonight, she sang two songs, three songs and tomorrow she’ll nail it.”

Steven is certainly no Simon. Instead of being insulting, he gives contestants constructive criticism, something he’s been getting a lot of heat for. So how does he feel about the critics?

“I think they are a hundred percent right, what do you get with negativity and putting down? I think you grow more with confidence and compliments and those kind of things,” he said during the press conference.

“Kids are scared to death, the same with J.Lo, these girls they just you know, those of us that have been around forever and their monumental to them. I’m just a regular guy, I’m that guy in Aerosmith and I have been around but to give them confidence to feel free to move and say ‘I’m going to show you what I can do’, those are the ones I’m looking for.”

A new American Idol will be crowned tonight on Fox. Who do you think it will be? Check back with Hollyscoop for a full report!