Steven Tyler: Courtney Bingham Is A Step Up For Nikki Sixx

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Steven Tyler: Courtney Bingham Is A Step Up For Nikki Sixx
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Can you feel the love in this relationship rock ballad?

Courtney Bingham, the now infamous girlfriend of Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx, has officially been given the rock ‘n’ roll world’s seal of hotness approval. Aerosmith lead man Steven Tyler has said that Nikki Sixx did good in his new girlfriend selection.

Tyler told Sixx himself of his endorsement during the rocker’s radio show Sixx Sense on 98.7 FM, saying that she is a way better choice than ex-girlfriend Kat Von D

During the interview, the “Walk This Way” singer likened Nikki’s relationship improvement to a recent hike the pals took up a volcano in Hawaii. In the metaphor, Kat would be the bottom of the hill and Courtney would be the top.

And apparently Steven isn’t the only one who thinks so…

“Courtney was adored by Nikki's daughter with a love for animals and mothering qualities,” a source told Hollyscoop.

According to the insider, Kat was never welcomed by Nikki’s home life and “the closest she gets to pet love is taxidermy dead pet animals in her office.”

“Courtney is positioned as the new young hot super model conservative Martha Stewart, where Kat is a rock tattooed top to bottom reality star,” a source said. “Courtney’s show is on the rise. Kat has been taken off the air after a brutal fight with longtime network TLC.”

As <strong>Hollyscoop</strong> previously reported, Kat has since moved on to date EDM’r Deadmau5. The girls have since had a fiery back and forth that has resulted in some awkward public encounters.

Following their iHeart music festival brawl, the drama continued during Tommy Lee’s 50th birthday party at Supperclub in Hollywood earlier this month. 

“Tommy Lee had to go back and forth from Deadmau5 table to Nikki's table as the two weren't speaking the entire night,” a source at the party said. “When Nikki and Courtney went to say hi to DJ Aero who was sitting next to Deadmau5, Deadmau5 turned his head with no eye contact to Nikki and Courtney.”

Is it hot in here, or am I just enjoying this catfight a little too much? 

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