Steven Tyler: Casey is Going to Win American Idol!

March 15, 2011 By:
Steven Tyler: Casey is Going to Win American Idol!

The new season of American Idol has new judges, new talent and a whole new outlook. “Compassion is the new black,” Steven Tyler tells Hollyscoop. And we couldn’t agree more.

Steven and fellow judge Randy Jackson confessed that the 10th season of American Idol is the best season so far because they have “amazing talent and amazing energy.” And this season the judges are making as many headlines as the front-runners!

And speaking of front-runners, Steven Tyler confessed to Hollyscoop that Casey Abrams is his top pick this season.

Steven told Hollyscoop at the 28th annual PaleyFest at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, “No wonder he was in the hospital, he’s getting cloned. They told him he was winning and he said, ‘I’m cloning my ass.’”

Casey had to miss Thursday's American Idol results show to get blood transfusions to treat his ulcerative colitis. "I AM out of the hospital, feeling so energetic too," Casey tweeted Monday. "I owe it all to #Tigerblood."

And speaking of the hospital trip, Randy added, “He’s an amazing talented guy, we just hope he stays healthy and continues in the competition.”

So has Casey already won the judges votes? “You never know he’s definitely really amazingly talented. Being a bass player I love him. Still to early to tell,” said Randy.

But Steven was crystal clear— Casey is a rare talent. “Out of everybody, not only does he know he can sing…he sing a verse scan it and play the bass like no one on the planet can. That is where this guy is at, he just doesn’t care, he’s in a place called “F All” where you don’t care anymore and you let your stuff fly.”

A couple of hospital trips are clearly not going to keep Casey out of the race. Do you think he has it to be the next American Idol? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!