Steven Spielberg: 'Homeland' Is My Favorite Show

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Steven Spielberg: 'Homeland' Is My Favorite Show
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We now know that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and just about everyone else in the world is a huge fan of Showtime Drama “Homeland,” but did you know that Steven Spielberg also lists the show as one of his favorites?

Hollyscoop stopped Spielberg on the red carpet before the Golden Globes and he told us that his favorite shows to watch are “Modern Family” and “Homeland.”

Yes, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, you can tell people that the man responsible for Lincoln likes your work.

Speaking of Lincoln, Spielberg and actor Daniel Day-Lewis shared a VERY emotional good bye when filming wrapped.

As you might know, Daniel Day-Lewis is SUPER method. Meaning, he stayed in character as Abraham Lincoln for the entire duration of filming. When he wasn’t doing a scene he was acting like Lincoln. When he sat down for dinner during a break, he was acting like Lincoln. Hell, he probably slept in character.

Finally, when filming was over, Daniel Day-Lewis finally emerged and dropped the “Lincoln” façade.

“I had been living and working with Abraham Lincoln for four months. And the second I said cut, and about an hour later, when I went to hug Daniel and say 'well, we did it, we finished the movie' he spoke to me as Daniel, and not as Abraham Lincoln. That was hard. I wasn't ready to give up my president,” Spielberg tells Hollyscoop