Steve-O Knows He's Crazy

March 14, 2008 By:
Steve-O Knows He's Crazy

Yesterday news broke that Jackass star Steve-O had been admitted to the hospital because he was suicidal. Somehow he has found time to blog while at the hospital and this is what he wrote:

"You should all know I am in the looney bin"

"They call it "code 5150," that means "psycho,"legally, f*ckin bat-sh*t, certifiably. I'm outta my mind, believe-you-me. How'd I get this way? How can this be? It's gotten so bad there's nothing left of me.

"Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, Big Regg, Swizz, Rick Kosick, Dimitry Elyaschevich, Cordell Mansfield, and Trip Taylor came to my home and, physcially [sic], forced me into the hospital."

He was originally admitted to the hospital and put on a 72-hour hold, but there are reports that they will be extending his stay to 14 days.