Disturbing Steve-O Video About Death

March 14, 2008 By:

One day after news broke of Steve-O's alleged suicide attempt, this disturbing video of the 'Jackass' star has surfaced on YouTube.

Steve-O, who is clearly under the influence in the video (notice the white powder on his nose) says, "You'd think all the time in prison would've taught me something," he tells the camera before laughing hysterically. "I'm dead sober, you see!"

He then starts to juggle fruit outdoors while he talks about the war and later asks, "Who cares when you die?"

Aside from the fact that he's still under suicide watch, he's also been charged with a felony for possession of cocaine following an arrest on March 3rd at his Hollywood home.

You would think that with all the money these celebrities make, they would make their health and well being a priority instead of wasting their life away on drugs. So sad!