Top 5 Actors Who Should Play Steve Jobs in Biopic

October 6, 2011 By:
Top 5 Actors Who Should Play Steve Jobs in Biopic

Steve Jobs passed away today after a long battle with Pancreatic cancer. His life is an incredible American success story.

From dropping out of college after 6 months, to creating the Apple company at age 20, to being fired from his own company, co-founding Pixar, to returning to Apple and turning it into the revolutionary technology company that it has become today, his life is worthy of being documented on film.

Many great men and women have had their lives turned into biopics. Hollywood loves a good success story and I don't know anyone more deserving of his own film than Steve Jobs.

Every time you talk on your iPhone, buy music from iTunes, type on your Macbook Pro, or enjoy watching Pixar's "Finding Nemo" for the umpteenth time, you can thank Steve Jobs.

It's inevitable that there WILL be a Steve Jobs biopic, can someone get Aaron Sorkin working on a script immediately?

So that begs the questions, which actor would best play Steve Jobs in a film about his own life?

Ralph Fiennes: In terms of looks, Ralph Fiennes looks almost exactly like Jobs. This English born actor may not be a household name yet, but he has appeared in dozens of amazing films like The Reader, The Hurt Locker, The English Patient, The Constant Gardner and Schindler's List. Oh wait, I know how you know Ralph Fiennes. He played Lord Voldemort in every Harry Potter film. Now imagine him without the weird Voldemort facial prosthetics and wouldn't he be a perfect Steve Jobs? He's refined, intelligent and talented; he's our first choice to play Jobs.

Ryan Gosling: While Gosling is much younger than Steve Jobs, you must remember that Jobs created Apple when he was 20. Gosling would be perfect to play the younger version of Jobs. Gosling is currently the It-Actor right, how much buzz would the headline "Ryan Gosling to play Steve Jobs in new biopic" create?

Ed Norton: Ed Norton would also be perfect to play Steve Jobs. He's got that intense intelligence with that sparkle in his eyes just like Jobs did. This Oscar nominated actor usually stays out of the public eye, but he's known for his roles in "Fight Club," "Primal Fear" and "American History X." This could be the role that would skyrocket Norton to true celeb status.

Tom Hanks: Tom Hanks can play ANY character. I don't know anyone who doesn't love this actor. He can write, act, and direct. Hell, he can write the biopic if need be. He's played characters ranging from the voice of a Pixar animated cowboy doll to a man left stranded on an island with nothing but a volleyball as his companion. Tom Hanks can do no wrong, and with a haircut and some facial hair he could easily play Steve Jobs.

Jason Bateman: Jason Bateman totally has the nerd persona down that completely personifies Apple's ingenious CEO. Bateman has been making waves for his roles in R-Rated comedies like "Horrible Bosses" and "The Change-Up," but Hollywood should take a chance on his serious acting chops. Anyone whose seen him as Michael Bluth on "Arrested Development" will know that he he played the fearless leader of the "Bluth" Family for many years.