Steve Carell: Everyone's On Board for Anchorman 2

April 6, 2010 By:
Steve Carell: Everyone's On Board for Anchorman 2

Here comes another Anchorman 2 update! When will they just make another one?! According to Steve Carell, the film is definitely going to happen.

He spoke with MTV about the inevitable sequel, and said the reason for the delay has been due to scheduling conflicts. "We're all absolutely into it happening,” Carell said.

“[The first film] was fun. That was really fun to do. But they haven't written a script yet. ... I don't think they've decided on a story line yet."

But it sounds like we’re closer than ever. "I spoke to Will about Anchorman 2 about two weeks ago," Carell said. "We would all want to do another one."

And speaking of sequels, Steve has another one coming out as well. He said, "There's a script written for Get Smart 2 that may or may not be made at some point. I think it turned out well. I think the script is good. It's just a matter of whether [the studio is] going to pull the trigger on it."

These are two sequels we definitely want to see!