Stephanie Pratt: The Hills Saved Me From Bulimia

July 21, 2009 By:
Stephanie Pratt: The Hills Saved Me From Bulimia

Stephanie Pratt, sister of the infamous Spencer, and fellow cast member on The Hills, has recently opened up about her battle with bulimia.

Last month, Stephanie admitted to having the eating disorder, saying that she’d been battling with the disease for a long time. Stephanie also made it clear that being on The Hills didn’t make her bulimic, even though she’s been looking skinnier lately than we’ve ever seen her.

At the Charlotte Russe launch party in New York City last week, Stephanie told Ok! magazine, “I should have died a million times.”

She continued, saying, “I was just partying, trying to fulfill this emptiness that I had for no reason.”

“It says that I’m on The Hills and I’m throwing up. But what the hell am I doing? I’m living a dream life right now, you know. I got myself out of it, I got help.”

Seems strange only because Stephanie is so tiny right now! When she first joined the cast, she had a regular body type, but since her role has gotten bigger, she just seems to be getting smaller!

We just hope that now Stephanie is losing weight the right way. We always see Lauren, Lo, and Audrina at the gym, so hopefully Stephanie has followed in her castmates’ footsteps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We’ll take her word for it! Having a dozen cameras on you at all times would probably be a good gym motivator!