Stephanie Pratt Reacts to Kristin Cavallari's Paycheck

September 30, 2009 By:
Stephanie Pratt Reacts to Kristin Cavallari's Paycheck

The cast of The Hills make about a grand per "OMG" so when news broke of exactly how much each cast member makes, we were all a little shocked.

According to new reports, the newest cast member of the “reality” show, Kristin Cavallari, makes almost as much as Audrina Patridge and Lo Bosworth, who have been on the show for years.

MTV reportedly pays Kristin $90,000 per episode to be the resident bitch, and needless to say, that figure didn't sit well with veteran cast members.

When Stephanie Pratt found out about Kristin's paychecks, she was more than just a little upset.

"I've been on the show for 2 years. My therapist is $250 and I make a small percentage of that," Pratt told Hollyscoop exclusively during an episode of 'Closet Raiders' for Hollyscoop TV.

Jokingly, Pratt grabbed a stack of folded shirt and threw them on the ground. "If that is true...there is going to be more clothes thrown," she added.

"I thought it was $63K?" Pratt asked. "I love you MTV. Thank you. Thank you for giving Kristin 90k and for...I can't say any more," she said, clearly frustrated with the situation.

"I'm the hostess on The Hills on the show if we're comparing paychecks."

She already confessed to Hollyscoop that she's going to be leaving the show after this season and luckily, Stephanie has another job lined up as a fashion correspondent for E! Do you think Kristin is worth $90K an episode?

Check out Stephanie's reaction to Kristin's paycheck below...